Sunday, 4 January 2009

Happy new year

i've been trying to write this post since the begining of the new year and each time i write something i end up erasing it .. 2008 wasn't a good year for me at all but i realized that i dun really wanna talk about it
i'm hopeful and i actually think that 2009 is gonna be agood year it makes me scared actually cos the last time i was happy and hopeful in 2008 my grandpa was admitted in the icu the next day and my whole life was sort of upside down. he got out in the 1st day of this year thanks god :)
2009 is the year of my graduation (FINALLY) and i wish i become a good and compassionate doctor ..i've waited alot and worked hard through these years for that hopefully i'll finally get it.
i hope i become the person i always wanted to be i wanna feel lighter ,happier and stronger..
i wanna be able to forgive more so that i could really forget one day ..
i wanna be closer to god more religious cos i believe thats the key to every good thing in life
all the steps i took in 2008 were backward but i guess i'm ready to move forward now

so goodbye 2008 i'm really glad you're over

and to B,E and M i say goodbye with love you've done ur best to love me i've done my best to love you but we've just reached a point where there is nothing left to say anymore ..

to you 2009 i hope you are a better year

happy new year everyone =)

i'll say goodbye with one of my fav. songs ever i've probably wrote it so many times before but for me its a master piece
Adifferent kind of pain~cold

Before i let you go
Give me just one more night to show you
Just how i feel
I lost all my control
If it takes my whole damnned life i'll Make this up to you

Im kinda like the waves that roll their whole life
Towards somewhere crashing it on the shore
Thats blown in by the wind that carries the clouds
To hide my wish on a fallen star

A differnt kind of pain, is someone there to hold you
Is someone there to take you away from me ......

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haijekov said...

Hope this year exceeds your expectations in terms of fruitfulness and success.

Have a nice 2009!