Sunday, 14 December 2008

i'm a good person
i believe i'm
i never questioned it... even in moments of hesitation that voice in the back of my head keep saying it repeatedly i'm a good person
i'm not concited (hard to believe after reading the previous lines i know) but i'm not
the thing is i have to believe that if i wanna be a better person
i'll explain more ...
if u keep doing everything u can to make someone comfortable or happy not just for a day or 2 but for 4 years just to be thrown away 4 a better offer ...u have to believe u r a good person so u can just walk away and let it go.
if u get screwed by ur best friend the one u were always there 4 ...u have to believe u r a good person to wish him happiness and relief.
if u were so good at whut ur doing and they keep getting ahead of u just cos of their last name ...u have to believe u r a good person that will have whut he/she deserves one day.

u have to believe u r a good person so that...
u can give without taking,
u can listen more than talking,
u can heal even if u r broken.

i believe i'm a good person cos i wanna be a better one

so even if i can't take it anymore
if i'm so sick of listening ,smiling and pretending that everything is gonna be fine
if i'm so tired of being disappointed of believeing in people who always turn to be nothing in the end..
if i can't stand ur selfishness anymore

that voice in ma head will keep saying that i'm a good person
and i'll just do whut u need

the real question is... Am I really a good person or i'm just pretending to be?!!!

music~shagar el lamon~mohamed mounir
bene we benak a7zan we be3ado
bene we benak ayam we yen2ado
shagr el lamon dablan 3ala ardo
shagar el lamon dablan 3ala ardo...