Saturday, 24 January 2009


everything around us has 2 faces and no matter how hard u try to prove one of them right and the other wrong u'll fail..
life sucks and its beautiful in so many ways.
love is overwhelming and its painful.
family is ur shelter and its ur encumbrance.
hope is refreshing and its exhausting.
happiness is whut u need but its after taste is whut u hate the most.
we hate people cos we're tired of loving them and we love people cos hate doesn't get us anywhere.
we work hard all of our lives to reach somewhere and once we r there we lose our enthusiasim.
you hope and pray for ur life to change and everytime it does it become worse and u start hoping u could get back where you were.
you enjoy being with the people u love but sometimes its the most tiring thing ever.
u remain silent when u have zillion of things fighting in ur mind
u hate it when people pressure u to tell them whuts wrong and u get disappointed if no one cares enough to ask

its life
its the way that we live
we try and try to figure it out
and in the end we just ignore it

so dun accuse me of being contradictory
open ur eyes ...everything is !!!

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Brownie said...

very true, every word of it