Saturday, 31 May 2008

enumerat 10 zilion causes why u shouldn't admit urself into medical school?!!!

lakad kaharatne el nessaaaaa2

and i mean it literally i mean there is 1o zillion reasons for vaginal bleedig and same for vaginal spotting(yea they differ alot) ... 1oo diameters of the female pelvis and same for the fetal skull and 1oo ways to get this out of that
this is too much ...too much for the human brain really
and then there was the exam enumerate 5 causes for that and 6 causes for that 62 questions in 2 hours !!!

i hate exams i hate this tension and stress and its defenitly doubled when you're a medical student i mean people im my age is out there in the street they dun do exams anymore :(

the only thing i love about exams is when i get home after an exam (that i did actually whut i could in) and just throw myself on the bed and sleep after at least 48 hours of mental, phisical and emotional stress .. which actually reminds me of one of my fav lines from one of my fav. t.v shows 'greay's anatomy' >>
"why i keep beatin' myself with a hammer cos it feels so good when i stop "
and thats so true!!

wish me luck everyone i still have 3 weeks to go